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Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Senior Pastor

Karen Pickens serves as Senior Pastor and seeks to provide effective spiritual strategies to lead God’s people to gain spiritual growth and success in their walk with God. She has served in ministry all of her life. She finds it important that we as the people of God remember the character of God as we seek to attain maturity in the Word of God and remember the importance of standing on scripture which helps one attain success as a Christian. She received the mantle of becoming Pastor after the death of her late mother, Founder and Pastor Lillian Pickens-Stancill in the year 2012.  She has served intentionally in devoting her life to God in true worship with a desire to motivate, inspire, and dedicate herself to God. Before becoming Pastor she has served in every aspect of ministry.  She considers herself no higher than the highest position, a servant of God.  She highly affirms with scripture that there is liberty in Jesus Christ. 

She allows the Holy Spirit to move freely and highly believes in the power of prayer, deliverance, reconciliation with God, and faith.  She studies at Trinity International University working to attain her degree in Christians Ministries and Masters in Divinity.  She loves to sing and preach.  She is witty, fun-loving, very honest in her view of herself and those around her.   Her favorite genre of music is Gospel, Classical and Jazz. She loves reading, diversity, culture, and DIY projects.

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