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Pastor & Founder Lillian P. Stancill

Pastor Lillian Pickens-Stancill dedicated her life to the call and duty of ministry.  At the early age of 6, God started revealing His plans through dreams, visions, and revelations outlining His preordained and destined will and purpose for her life.  She accepted Christ at an early age and started following in the footsteps of Christ learning that on her walk, suffering was not a deterrent for the next trial but it was what empowered her to take the next step. She had a tremendous bout with lung cancer and was empowered by the Holy Spirit to take a flight to Miracle Valley Arizona where she received her deliverance and healing from God under the late Rev. A. A. Allen. As she moved toward her God-given mission she kept her focus on the prize and goal.  In her mid 20’s she joined the evangelistic ministry of the late Bishop H. W. Goldsberry of Faith Temple C.O.G.I.C. in Chicago, Illinois and by her early 30’s was on the foreign mission fields dedicating her time and service to the needs of others.  In her late 30’ with the help of God and others within the body of Christ started her own foreign mission in Port Au Prince Haiti while establishing her Church on 53rd and Carpenter in Chicago.  After 3 years of foreign missionary work returned back to the States to dedicate her full time to her ministry in Chicago only returning to Port Au Prince on a part-time basis to work alongside her friend Bishop Emmanuel Jefferies.  Also in the mid-’70s, she became overseer of Trinity House of Prayer in Mississippi. In 1980 Pastor moved to Crete, Illinois, and changed the name of the ministry to Trinity Full Gospel Church.  Pastor and founder formed various ministries such as Women Working With God, The Daughters of Charity, and Highway & Hedge ministry. She was known as a powerful woman of God and dedicated a great amount of time in the presence of God for her next leading. Her ministry focused heavily on deliverance, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, and faith. Her favorite sayings were “One more river to cross,” "Pull the Ox out the ditch," "Come clean or stay away dirty," and, “When you preach, preach hell out of them and bring them back to life.”

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